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Supporting a Global Workforce

AIS Global is a consulting business with a portfolio of projects across Australia and internationally. Assisting the public and private sectors, we combine our technical and broad industry expertise to deliver tailored and practical solutions.


Global Solutions, Local Expertise

AIS Global delivers tailored research, workforce planning and development, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and vocation solutions, and industry engagement expertise nationally and internationally. From devising workforce strategies to setting Occupational Standards, we offer effective solutions to ensure your success in the constantly evolving landscape of education and the transport and logistics industry.


We closely collaborate with our clients, to understand their specific needs and create customised solutions.

Our team is made up of industry experts, technical and international specialists, with extensive stakeholder engagement. They are skilled in industry engagement, quality assurance, project management, and crafting Occupational Standards and national training policies.

Workforce Development

Craft holistic industry, national, and customised workforce development strategies.

Research and Analysis

Employ cutting-edge methods to provide actionable industry intelligence.

Technical Review and Product Development

Conduct in depth reviews of training package material and resources.

Occupational Standards Development

Lead the development of global standards.

Industry Engagement

Develop and execute effective industry engagement and communication strategies.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Industry Promotion

Promote industry, VET and skill development through targeted initiatives.

Featured Case Study

Vietnam Logistics Intelligence

AIS Global collaborated with industry, research teams, and government in Vietnam, shaping an industry intelligence framework for the logistics sector. Mirroring Australia's Skills Forecast model, we analysed existing data sources and constructed a forward-looking framework to address Vietnam's future skills needs. Our in-country engagement with key stakeholders, including the Logistics Industry Reference Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Logistics Association, and the Research and Development Institute, paved the way for a comprehensive 5-year 'Roadmap.' This initiative, part of the Aus4Skills program, underscored our commitment to advancing Vietnam's logistics landscape.

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